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Houston Texas Guidebook with Visit Houston

*This post is sponsored by Visit Houston, we received a complimentary stay in Houston as compensation.

If you’ve followed along on social media you know that I just got back from a “bae-cation” with my husband. Visit Houston was kind enough to host us & give us access to the best places in town. Now, on Instagram the other day I shared my thoughts on traveling & how I truly believe when you visit somewhere new you should almost let go of an agenda to truly enjoy & explore. I go into somewhere new with a bit of a guidebook, giving me ideas on what to explore but completely let go of time frames and agendas and basically throw FOMO (fear of missing out) out the window; because when you are so focused on getting to the next place & seeing it all, you never truly experience anything. So, take this post as simply that, a guidebook. If you find yourself in Houston feel free to take charge and go/do whatever you want, but I had to share the places we hit/that I recommend because it became the most unforgettable. experience. ever.

Where To Eat

Torchy’s Tacos

Dish Society (UGH SERIOUS FAV)

Good Company Seafood


Blacksmith Coffee Shop


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What To Do

I have honestly come to the conclusion it is nearly impossible to run out of things to do in Houston. One of the best purchases you can make in Houston is a CityPass. This gives you access (and some extra perks) to the top places to visit in the city. We checked out the Downtown Aquarium, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts & the Kemah Boardwalk (which is a bit of a drive out of Houston but totally worth is y’all, like for all ages.)

Aside from our passes, after we hit the Downtown Aquarium we decided to check out downtown since we were staying over in uptown. I put myself in a “yes” mindset for the trip so when my husband asked if I wanted to bike around the city I said YES even though it was windy and I was terrified because I hadn’t ridden in years. This became one of our most favorite things we did. Sure, I nearly crashed a few times and we ended up a bit sweaty, but that downtown area has so much culture & gorgeous architecture & it was fun to check out.

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Where To Stay

Like I said, we stayed in uptown & I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was right near so many fun shops & restaurants but slightly tucked away from the hustle & bustle of downtown (still close enough to head on over on a whim). We were hosted at Hotel Derek & I am honestly still blown away by the place. It is considered a destination hotel & is honestly an experience all in its own. We went wild with room service as soon as we arrived & spent Friday night in simply because we wanted to soak it all up! Service is amazing, the pool is gorgeous, the rooms are large & beautiful, I could go on and on and on…

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So, are you beyond excited to hop on the next plane and discover Houston by now? Take me with you! We truly cannot wait to come back. Next time, with Tahlya, I think she would love it there.

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