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Why Travel Appeals To Many Of Us + Rich Houston Culture with Visit Houston

*This post is sponsored by Visit Houston, we received a complimentary stay in Houston as compensation.

Whether it be figuratively or literally, constant movement is essential for happiness and growth. If you’re like me, you take that literally. My knack for travel & adventure has always been there, but it wasn’t until recent months as I became more aware & in tune with my body that I realized why. A stagnant life is unhealthy for anyone. Ever wonder why wanderlust is such a real thing? Sure, it’s currently a “buzzword” but don’t discount it because of that. Our soul craves change because change leads to growth, inspiration, & new opportunities.

I totally get that not everyone is obsessed with travel, my husband is one of those people. If that’s you as well, don’t step away from this post quite yet, take a look at your daily life, I promise you that some type of change stirs the pot for you in a positive way. Even little things such as constantly changing up your driving route, a need to always change up your closet or home decor, etc are subconscious changes that prevent you from becoming stagnant. Maybe none of this rings a bell with you but maybe, just maybe you’ve felt a bit off for a little or long while. Maybe there’s a feeling of restlessness, constant fatigue, even depression. Your body feels stuck & it naturally wants to be in a constant state of movement & change. These negative feelings are your body’s way of telling you it needs change. Becoming aware of this fact lead me prioritize travel as I wrote about a while back. It lead me to becoming a conscious traveler. I am learning to understand my timeline, how often my soul needs a change of scenery to balance my well-being back out. It even led me to ask my husband (who is incredibly money & budget smart) to apply for a higher credit limit so we could book a few travels out in advance & pay them off at they come up.
Our recent trip to Houston was the first vacation where I felt that I 100% understood my body & soul/why I needed to be there. Maybe that’s why I fell in love so quickly but this city has quickly made its way to the top of my list, I’m dying to go back & bring Tahlya because I know changing the focus to a family oriented trip will give us an entirely new experience!
Our first morning there we met with A.J. who helped set this entire trip up, honestly, I was incredibly nervous. I have this constant fear of disappointing people, that when they meet me in “real life” they’ll be let down & wonder why they ever wanted to meet or work with me in the first place. But, I was in a “yes” mindset for this trip, ready to try new things so when he even offered to pick us up from the hotel to head to brunch I have him a YES! & honestly, it was one of the best decisions of the trip. He told my husband & I some things about Houston that really stuck with me, I had to share so y’all can maybe understand why I fell in love with the city.
Houston is one of the fastest growing cities. People want to live here. Everything is nearby in the city, your local restaurants, trails, housing.
The museum district is HUGE. We only visited two but there are 19 in the area.
Houston is constantly being rated as one of the top cities to check out.
He gave us amazing meal suggestions & helped us to start the trip off in the perfect headspace. Something about learning beautiful tidbits of information about the places I visit helps me to appreciate them even more.
Houston is quickly becoming known for its diverse culture, amazing chefs & talented artists. The list of “attractions” is nearly endless.
What are you waiting for wanderers? Explore, experience, enrich your lives. Your soul will thank you & honestly, there is nothing more healing or rewarding than feeling balanced.

7 thoughts on “Why Travel Appeals To Many Of Us + Rich Houston Culture with Visit Houston

  1. I love traveling so much! Now that we have our child I want him to travel as much as I did when I was little, thanks for such a great reminder!:)

  2. I need to make it to Houston! I’ve heard from so many people that they have some amazing eats..

    My husband and I want to prioritize traveling so badly, it’s hard to find the time!

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