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Safe Travel For Your Little Wanderer with Britax

*This post was sponsored by Britax, I received the Advocate ClickTight Carseat as compensation. All opinions in this post remain my own.

Road trips are pretty rad, I tend to travel mostly in or around Utah because I prefer road tripping as mode of transportation. Anyone else?! The views, the music, the conversations, everything is just so beautiful & fun.

Well, not everything is fun. Sometimes a little gal in the back seat drives me a little crazy. I honestly cannot blame her. Her main complaints tend to be about her comfort. Little does she know, mama has found an extra awesome (and cozy) solution! *Cue cute photo of that crazy gal*

Look how happy she is in her new seat?! I don’t blame her, it’s just as rad as road trips. We are combining the two a whole lot this summer with a mini one this weekend for her birthday getaway (I’ll let you know how it goes, but I have high hopes).

We found ourselves in need of a new car seat after an unfortunate incident with throw up, disassembly & lack of a handbook and/or care. I hated the old car seat. I’ll be honest, when Tahlya got sick ALL OVER and we couldn’t figure out how to put the now clean pieces back together, I wasn’t too bummed. Old buddy boy was ugly, uncomfortable for my little gal & it never felt too secure in my car.

Did you know, three out of four children’s car seats are installed incorrectly? That thought is chilling. In Tahlya’s lifetime she has had over four car seats between different family members, I’d like to say they’ve all been as safe as can be but my mama heart tells me otherwise. Britax recently (maybe not so recent but recent to me LOL) came out with their ClickTight technology and my simple loving heart is singing all the love songs to it.

For those of you who cannot keep up with all this parenting stuff (hi friends, you are my people) ClickTight technology makes installing your kiddo’s car seat quick, easy & fool-proof safe! Not to mention the convertible seat comes in a handful of fun colors & has all the buzzwords a mama likes to hear: “three layers of side impact protection”, impact absorbing base”, “auto-level indicators”, quick adjust headrest”, “one year warranty”.

However, my favorite is, the “snug harness indicator” which is the grey part on the straps helping you get your little one in there nice & tight but not squished.

Scratch that, my favorite part is hearing Tahlya yell “My new car seat!!” every time she sees it is time to get in.

Thank you Britax for keeping my little wanderer pumped about adventuring, long drives & belting out Disney tunes on the road; because we sure have a lot of all three left to do.

Our seat is the “Circa” design and you can get it here.

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