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Celebrating Life, Love & Motherhood- The Most Important Things My Daughter Has Taught Me In Three Years

I have to admit, it is a bit crazy for me to think I have a three year old child. I know it is so cliche but… where did the time go?!

Motherhood is one hell of a roller-coaster but one I would never want to get off of. Three years isn’t long but somehow my sweet child has managed to teach me a bucket load of things in that short amount of time. In celebration of her turning three this weekend I wanted to share a few.

  • Perfection isn’t meant to be achievable, it simply does not exist. I have an awful relationship with control. I like to have a 100% handle on all things at all times. Motherhood, especially as toddlerhood came along while I was balancing a handful of other things, taught me to let go a little. Taking any weight off of your shoulders that doesn’t need to be there is incredibly freeing.

  • Okay is good. I am stealing this line from my sister’s friend’s student directed play but when I heard it I realized it was a perfect string of words to explain what I have come to understand in the last couple of years. “Okay” comes without expectations but is fluid for everyone. I am an okay mom, an okay person, an okay blogger. Okay has been made to be this mediocre word but I would disagree. It is a beautiful word & when you strip it down, it truly is a satisfying word.
  • Love is the most powerful force that exists. I always rolled my eyes a bit when I heard people speak of a “mother’s love” but boy let me tell you, love is strong & powerful but the love my little one has taught me has literally blown me away. I no longer think it is a “woo-woo” thing to speak of the power of love.

I had one hell of a time narrowing this down to three (get it? Because she is turning three? Clever.) but there it is! Mamas, what else have your sweet children taught you?

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Life, Love & Motherhood- The Most Important Things My Daughter Has Taught Me In Three Years

  1. I love you and those girls so much and my heart explodes when I think about it. This particular post brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my soul. Life is amazing,

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