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My Holistic Routine For Self Love & Healing – Getting Started

“Self love” and “self care” have become buzzwords. They’ve been made to seem almost as a trend on social media, which it great, but misleading. Self love/care involves a whole lot, an internal & external journey, investment of time, lots of good days & plenty of bad days. On the surface level, the “pretty”, “insta worthy” level, self love/care looks like bubble baths, a cup of tea, eating fruits & veggies, listening to music. While these practices are valid & you’ll often see me talking about/advocating for them, this journey requires you to dig much deeper. There is a not so pretty side to self love/care that’s not as trendy or fun to talk about but I want to leave this reminder that you’re not alone if you need to dig a little deeper to get to that point of love & peace.

So, I’ll get personal for a minute & share what my self love/care routine looks like with the baths, tea & whole foods.. but a whole lot more. This took me quite a while to pull together but I felt compelled to begin the sharing process now. My routine is split into five sections: Therapy, Holistic Aids, Supplements, Nutrition (which could be combined with supplements but I will split it for the sake of length), & “The Little Things”. Today I plan to cover the first two.

*I would like to preface this by reminding y’all that I am not a professional, I am simply sharing my experiences and tips in hopes that I can enlighten readers about a natural healing path. If you need immediate assistance you can call the Suicide Hotline, available 24/7  1-800-273-8255


  • I began with RET (Reflex Emotional Therapy) sessions, fairly sporadically at first, only on the real bad weeks. I now have them scheduled every other week. Why it is a must: RET helps me work through mental blocks I often times was not aware were there. I am able to dig deep and “speak” with my inner self. I feel as though RET is difficult to explain in a nutshell but if you would like to learn about it further feel free to head to my contact page & will out the contact form with your questions!
  • On my off weeks I had traditional one on one counseling scheduled. I have fallen a bit off of that but have scheduled to be more regular again. Why it is a must: This has been essential in recognizing my trauma and triggers. Speaking with someone about these helps you gain a new perspective & learn coping mechanisms.
  • In addition to my one on one therapies my husband and I went to marriage counseling. We had to take a break but are beginning again, I strongly believe this is important for all couples. Why it is a must: Marriage counseling is the perfect way to learn how to grow as a couple, connect deeper & work through issues with a mediator in a safe environment.
  • At the very beginning of my journey I was seeing a life coach. This was before I realized the depth of the journey I was beginning but I truly believe it was huge in kickstarting me. Why it is a must: Life coaches are an amazing way to help your dip your toes into this side of healing and great for beginning to uncover hidden pieces.
  • Acupuncture. I debated on where in the list I should add acupuncture but decided it fits perfectly into “therapy” because that is exactly what it is. I wrote about my first experience here & go as regularly as possible. Why it is a must: Acupuncture is an amazing & effortless (on your part) way to get the energy flowing in your body, to relax blockages & relieve stress. Along with emotional barriers it can assist in moving past physical barriers too.
  • (added 6-20-17) Chiropractic, more specifically upper cervical chiropractic care. I am baffled at myself for failing to mention this before because having been under chiropractic care since October 2016 has been life changing. I have learned that upper cervical care is vital for maximum wellness and am lucky enough to have a chiropractor who also does traditional adjustments. This care has nearly eliminated my (once daily) headaches, which has been a huge relief on my anxiety levels.


  • Through muscle testing I learned I was need in of a root chakra homeopathic. Ensuring your chakras are aligned & not blocked is so important. I am in no way saying this is a block for everyone, but it happened to be for me. I do not use this remedy regularly, but my body and spirit know when I need it. Signs of a root chakra blockage include – feelings of abandonment, restlessness & lack of focus. Why it is a must: Homeopathics are another great form of natural healing. As I said, a root chakra homeopathic is not necessarily a must for everyone but I strongly suggest being muscle tested to see what you may be in need of. Like Acupuncture, they are not just for emotional healing.
  • Rescue Remedy has become an essential in my bag at all times. It is also a homeopathic you can find at Whole Foods & is marketed as a “natural stress relief”, I spray it in my mouth whenever I feel panic coming on or before what I predict will be a stressful situation. Why it is a must: Rescue Remedy can be found as a spray or as tablets, meaning it can be brought along with you everywhere. This is my number one must have at all times wherever I go.
  • Crystals all over da place. I am not where I would like to be with my crystal knowledge but I keep a handful of them around my house and a few in my car. The energy they hold are undeniable, they are actually often used in my RET sessions as well. Why it is a must: There are so many crystals and gems with so many different healing powers & energy. They are easy to carry around & keep all over the place for a spiritual boost.
  • I use the herb St. John’s Wort which is an herb largely known as a natural anti depressant. Herbs are amazing but in most cases are meant to be used short term. This is where Nutrition comes in which I will talk about in pt. 2. Why it is a must: For those who wish to and are able to combat depression naturally St. John’s Wort works wonders without chemically messing with your brain. I highly recommend working with a natural healthcare specialist if you wish you transition from anti depressants to St. John’s Wort or to begin it at all.
  • Meditation, or to start, guided meditation. Meditation is huge and I work hard to make it an everyday practice. Why it is a must: You wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth would you? Meditation helps cleanse the soul from the day and bring you to a mindful state of realization.

You are not alone, healing is a process that takes time. Remember that there will be set backs, but you are getting stronger everyday. Much love.

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