My Holistic Routine For Self Love & Healing – Maintenence

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Last week I shared part one on my holistic healing process/self care routine. I covered section one (therapy) and two (aids), I believe the first piece is vital for beginning a healing journey while aids & today’s sections are great as maintence. The process of finding a comfortable groove in self care is exactly that, a process. These pieces of my routine are essential for stripping myself down to my core, healing the wounds & essentially building back up with a stronger foundation. This journey is unique for everyone but this these practices are great ones for anyone to keep in their spiritual/self care arsenal.

*I would like to preface this again by reminding y’all that I am not a professional, I am simply sharing my experiences and tips in hopes that I can enlighten readers about a natural healing path. If you need immediate assistance please call the Suicide Hotline, available 24/7  1-800-273-8255


Y’all. Nutrition is HUGE. I was never as aware of this until I began working in a natural medicine/nutrition clinic. I cannot stress this enough. Many mood and stress disorders can be largely benefited by nutritional support/eating well. I consider the way I eat as a huge part of self care. Nourishing my soul is incredibly important but nourishing the vessel my soul resides in is vital. I highly suggest everyone see a whole food, holistically minded nutritionist as my nutritional support needs are likely different from yours.

  • Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is our mood vitamins. Keep in mind when shopping for your vitamins that an isolated vitamin (i.e. Vitamin B 3) is going to be synthetic & what you are looking for is a whole food vitamin. 
  • Vitamin D complex. Vitamin D deficiencies can cause mood swings and blue feelings. A lack of vitamin D causes season effective disorder (which I wrote about this past winter, shortly before I found this out). Vitamin D from the sun is less accessible in the cold, winter months therefor a larger deficiency is found at that time.
  • Trace Minerals. Now I do not use trace minerals at this time but I still wanted to share this as it can be another piece in the nutritional puzzle for your depression/anxiety. Our body depends on trace minerals for many mood balancing functions in the body, therefor a deficiency is no good.


I am just going to fly through these as I feel they are pretty self explanatory but a wonderful reminder to reset your habits.

  • Buy organic, range, grass fed, etc. Some produce is fine not bought organic, they are considered the “clean 15” but your body is best off buying as much as you are able to organic.
  • Buy fresh. Right now is the time of farmer’s markets, take advantage of it! Why it is a must: Our body thrives off our fresh food much better than packaged, canned, chemically treated food.
  • Drink so much water. Any other liquid (other than herbal teas) require water for digestion and are considered dehydrators. Why it is a must: Water is the best detox. The more water you drink the easier you will flush toxins, maintain a healthy weight, reduce headaches etc. Tip: Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day.
  • Add green tea into your diet. Why it is a must: Green tea is the best tea you can drink, it detoxifies and has a load of other health benefits.
  • Limit sugar intake. I know, I know. This one isn’t too fun and I am so far from perfect, however if you swap your artificial sugar intake for natural sugars such as those found in fruit and green leaf stevia your body will thank you.

The “Little” Things

  • Read self help, self care, spirituality etc books. Choose a subject from that mix that you are drawn to and research some of best on the subject. Why it is a must: Your body and soul have a chance to reconnect when your read. Using that opportunity wisely with books that will benefit your life is the best thing you can do. Tip: I know this might not be for everyone but I always recommend buying your books. This gives you a chance to truly pour your entire soul into it by marking it up for future readings or quick inspo.
  • Find inspirational podcasts. Call me crazy but I find podcasts incredibly intimate, I have never cared for ones that do not add to my quality of life so finding a soulful one is always exciting. I highly recommend this one. Why it is a must: Podcasts are the quickest way to fill your spiritual bucket, brighten your mood & reboot inspiration.
  • Mantras & Affirmations. I am more of an affirmations gal but I feel as though they are almost interchangeable. Why it is a must: Ever heard of “The Secret” if not, let me break it down nice and simple for you. It simply states that you can manifest whatever you are asking for by simply speaking of those wants and dreams as though they are present, as though they are already yours or you have already mastered them. “I am spiritually strong & confident.” Imagine saying something like that to yourself every. single. day. Your brain is powerful, you can make things happen.

Remember that this entire list, especially the little things portion, is meant to be ever changing. If I were to check back in on this list in six months I am positive there would be a few adjustments to be made. We are creatures of constant movement, constant change & it is important to embrace that. Keep in mind that your interests and needs change as you progress in your journey. I strongly believe everything on this list can and will be beneficial to your own personal self care but I believe just as strongly that some may benefit you more than others, possibly something that isn’t even on this list. Experiment, try new things every once in a while. Switch up your routine whenever you begin to feel stuck. Honey, you got this.

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