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Curating A Space That Radiates Positive Energy – Master Bedroom Reveal

*This post was sponsored by the brands mentioned below, I received various items to be used in this room as compensation. All opinions in this post remain my own.

I know what you might be thinking, “Savanna, didn’t you just hit a year in your new home? Isn’t a master bedroom reveal a tad bit late by now?” Why yes, you might be right, but here I am, one year into our first home and barely finishing our master bedroom. When we bought this house I had expectations of every single room looking exactly as I wanted within a few months of being here. I told my self “slow and steady wins the race” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but in all reality, I wanted it to be perfect. As we have certainly established around here, perfection simply isn’t real. Life happens, bills happen, Savanna prioritizing travel happens. I completed our quaint little living room, got started on my home office and decided to back off on home “perfecting” for a while; until one day, I was meditating in our bed (where I often find myself meditating) and realized I not only wanted, but needed this room to become a sanctuary. My dear husband let me take the reigns and I became tunnel visioned on getting this space exactly where I wanted it to be.

Now, I think it is important to surround yourself with spaces that radiate positive energy as well as amplify your own. Having a home that brings your vibes down is absolutely soul crushing. I have been learning how important it is to allow yourself to create your home into a sanctuary. We spend too much time in them to not want to be there. My mood board for this master bedroom space was as follows:


minimal yet inviting

neutral w. tiny pops of gold



I am pretty stoked at how it all came together, but now it’s your turn to decide if I nailed it.

So, what do you think?

Now, you have the visuals, but maybe your vision – your definition of sanctuary is slightly different, here are some tips that can be applied to any aesthetic as far as creating a space that radiates positive energy, light & love is concerned.

  • Fill that baby with greenery & enjoy a local flower shop/boutique while you’re at it. Bringing plants that have already been in a place of love seems to amplify the nearly palpable energy they contain. Search around or if you’re a Utah local head into Thyme & Place in Salt Lake City for the most magical plant buying experience. This shop is Melinda’s baby, and she has been so amazing with helping me find low maintenance plants that I love.
  • Find the perfect duvet or comforter. This is the one piece that will truly set the mood for your room. It is a huge part in building a peaceful, loving, happy energy & aesthetic for the room. I completely fell in love with mine from CStudio Home (not to mention it is made from organic cotton) but they have an abundance of other affordable options as far as bedroom decor goes, my sheets, pillow cases & duvet cover all came from there.
  • Decor & furniture are key. It does not matter what look you are going for, along with your comforter set, your decor can make or break the vibes in any room. The minimal look is in, and I am obviously all about it, so I was on an intense search for the perfect small but roomy dresser to accent our room. I came across Davinci Baby, who by the way carries all of my dream items in the case that we have another baby haha but this four drawer dresser spoke to me! I hope it does for you too. Along with the dresser I knew I wanted some wall art to pull everything together, I made the pieces on our floating shelves & bought the rest on sale elsewhere. Thrifting or buying sale items for your wall art and smaller pieces is great for allowing you to invest in quality pieces as far as furniture goes.
  • Activate all your senses. Sight is vital of course; you want your rooms to look pleasing and welcoming, but it doesn’t stop there. I like to keep some of my favorite playlists going as I spend time in any room & burn my favorite scents with 100% natural soy wax candles from Zakiyah Candles to activate my other senses and truly make an experience out of my sanctuary. Browse her scents and use code “savanna” at check out to get a free small candle at checkout! This scent will change monthly, snag “love spell” through the end of June and “lavender” during the month of July.

There it is darlings, all the key ingredients needed to get you going on creating a space you love and hopefully a little inspiration from my end with this bedroom I have completely fallen in love with. If you have any questions regarding anything in my room, or other tips/ideas for curating your own space, let me know below!


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