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My Tea Story w. Rishi Tea

*This post was sponsored by Rishi Tea, I received product as compensation. All opinions in this post remain my own.

This project has been a long time coming. If you know me even a little bit you know I am incredibly passionate about my tea. Not only for the taste but for the medicinal benefits and aspect of self care that comes in drinking a cup of tea. When Rishi Tea agreed to work with me on what I am calling my “passion project of the year” I was ecstatic! In my next post I will share why it is so important to be cautious about the tea brands you are buying (hint, Rishi Tea makes the cut) but today I thought it would be fun to give a little background on what got me here.

I love stories. I love to hear why people are who they are today. What lead them to their passions, to the path they are on today. My teacup tattoo was a long time coming fun addition nearly a year back and since then I have had people all over asking me “How do you love tea enough that you would actually permanently put art of it on your body?!” Well folks, I happen to love telling stories so let’s dive in.

I have spent the last six months or so intensely healing & working on self love. In this time I have become very conscious & aware of how many aspects of my childhood has affected me, both good & bad. In that I have come to the root of my love of tea. Before then I had never sat down & thought about what made me so passionate, I just knew I was. But, now I know.

High school was rough for me, as it is for many. Every single day I did the best I could to escape for a little while during our ridiculously short lunch period & we happened to have a coffee shop a few blocks down. This small establishment was really nothing special, but unlike the large chain across the street, it forced you to come inside & experience the atmosphere at least for a little while as it lacked a drive-thru. Now I can’t lie, when I first started going, every single order was a blended drink so sugary you could hardly call it coffee. As time went on the drink got old, too expensive to order everyday & was simply very heavy & not refreshing. In comes my knight in shining armor, iced green tea. I truly am not sure if I ever had tea in my entire life until those days. It was different, refreshing & light.

I did not have the vocabulary for this at the time but those quick escapes into the coffee shop for a 16 oz iced green tea became my one point in the day to stop, regroup & take care of myself a little bit. Without even realizing it, during some of my darkest days I was taking 15-20 minutes to practice a little self care. I think subconsciously these moments are what ties to my love today, my daily ritual of brewing a cup of tea is now an essential. Isn’t it funny how everything is connected?

Since then, my love has grown & expanded. I will drink any tea you put in front of me & I have a bit more knowledge on it, but green tea & I? We go way back. That babe still tugs at my heart strings.

Stay tuned next week for an awesome list of different tea types along with their health benefits, I cannot wait to share it! What is your favorite type of tea? It might just be making the list.

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