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Three Week Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

A few months ago I talked about taking on an intense capsule wardrobe challenge. I challenged myself to a month long 10 piece capsule wardrobe and partnered with my gal over at Stormie Dreams to do so. Here’s the breakdown of how it went & my tips for anyone who wants to do the same!

My wardrobe consisted of:

Here’s how it went:

  • I cheated, twice.
  • I had to quit after three weeks (I think I could have gone longer but I didn’t plan between vacations right hahaha!)
  • I stuck with the same set of jewelry to hard core dive into my minimalism, these pieces were:

Here’s what I learned:

  • Capsule wardrobes are meant to be freeing. If you feel restricted, consider adding a few more pieces.
  • You have to invest in quality pieces that are going to last you. Quality over quantity y’all.
  • There is not “right way” to be a minimalist. I have been on my minimalism journey for over a year & have gone in & out of many phases. Simplicity can affect all areas of your life & if you prefer one part of minimalism over the other, that’s fine.
  • Minimalism & sustainable/ethical living go hand in hand, literally the perfect pair.

Would I do it again? YES! Would I add more pieces? YES! I think around 50 pieces total (including tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes & jewelry) is my sweet spot. For those of you looking to simplify your wardrobe here are my tips:

  • Purge your wardrobe once every couple months at first. Each “purge” will become easier, over time you will be able to detach from pieces easier.
  • Make those purges exciting. Try selling your clothing, nothing more excited than getting some cash right?
  • Allow yourself to buy a few pieces right at the start. Reward yourself for starting this journey.
  • Don’t set too many expectations for yourself, stop purging when it feels like too much. Don’t be so set on a number. You will find your “sweet spot” over time.
  • Look into sustainable, ethical, high quality brands. These pieces will last you longer & as I said before, you will be wearing all of your clothing more regularly, it cannot only last two washes & a handful of wears.

Have you ever given a capsule wardrobe a try? I’m still a semi-capsule wardrobe gal, that’s my “sweet spot” & wherever yours is, is okay. I truly believe minimalism/simplicity is to bring freedom to all aspects of your life. As I said, if you feel restricted, allow a bit more “stuff” into your life without guilt. Focus on what feels good to you & inner peace will follow.

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