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The Best Products For Working Towards A Natural Beauty Routine

*This post was sponsored by the various brands mentioned below, I received product as compensation. All opinions in this post remain my own.

I am a natural fanatic. In the last year I have been swapping all aspects of my life over to more natural alternatives & I have finally made it over to my skin care & makeup!

Now I know not everyone prioritizes natural products but let me explain briefly why it is so important. Our body is the most important vessel on this planet & we only get one in this lifetime. It has been shown time & time again that we are able to live until our last days with minimal to no complications but as time goes on that seems to happen less & less. I believe this is because the lifestyles we are embracing are toxic, all the way down to what we put on our skin (which is absorbed & makes its way inward).

Perfection is impossible, but improvements are not. Skincare is always something I have prioritized, there have been very few times I have bought drugstore brands & when I do, my body lets me know it does not approve. However, stress & laziness has done a toll on my face in the last year & I have not been happy with it. The products I once loved were not cutting it for me & I knew that not only did I need to find a new skin care routine, but I needed to search for more natural alternatives.

I have been on my new routine for about a month & my skin has felt softer, my complexion is slowly but surely balancing out, my pores have been shrinking & most importantly I am feeling more comfortable in my skin!


  • New Day by Farmacy – cleansing grains that you wet & exfoliate your face with. This product is so unique & works wonders. Some ingredients: cranberry seeds & echinacea.

  • Green Screen by Farmacy – Such a soothing lotion, I could seriously use it over and over again all day long. I should probably be using a separate moisturizer as well but have been using this in place. Some ingredients: echinacea & zinc oxide (damaging sun ray protection)

  • Absence Oil Control Primer by Jane Iredale – Jane Iredale is a mineral based makeup & skin care line. This primer works like nothing I have ever used before. I am obsessed. Some ingredients: green tea & kelp.

  • Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream by Jane Iredale – I never used BB cream until now and I cannot figure out why. With my under nose dry spots foundation can sometimes look rough but I haven’t faced that problem with this Mineral BB cream, I wear B6. (I do not wear blush but am still looking out for the perfect contour palette.) Some ingredients: grapefruit, honeysuckle, lemongrass.

  • Matte Loose Finishing Powder by Jane Iredale – I always used setting spray alone before but adding in a finishing powder as well has made such a huge difference. It perfects the matte look & feels so light. Some ingredients: pine, rice & pomegranate.

  • Skin Dew by Farmacy – This setting spray is truly what the advertise it for, it is so hydrating & it works really well as a setting spray too. I do spritz this on multiple times a day, it smells wonderful. some ingredients: echinacea & rosemary, bergamot and peppermint essential oils.

Once or twice a week I have been using my Honey Potion Hydration Mask by Farmacy which is unlike me. I only ever used a face mask once every few months before because it felt like such a hassle, but my skin feels so good after each mask that I do it frequently. Some ingredients: honey & ginger.

There you have it folks! I am still on the lookout for an everyday moisturizer, makeup remover, contour palette, brow pencil/crayon & mascara. I believe the use of oils may be beneficial for my skin type so that has made the list as well. Do you know of any awesome more natural products I should check out? Let me know!

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