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Getting Your Little One Started On A Self Care Routine

*This post was sponsored by Rishi Tea, I received product as compensation. All opinions in this post remain my own.

Let me just share the cutest story real quick: Tahlya has been drinking tea with me for the longest time, herbal tea for the most part but occasionally she will share a cup of green tea. I bring her to work with me occasionally & a couple months ago she was sitting right next to me coloring, stopped what she was doing, jumped up & exclaimed, “I NEED TEA!” 

If that doesn’t describe my parenting style I honestly don’t know what does.

But really, I have taken to heart the term “conscious parenting” & it has changed my entire perspective on being a mother.

It is a given that being a parent entails teaching those little ones the basics, how to brush your teeth, comb & wash your hair, put on clothes, your please & thank you’s; but I think it’s a fairly new on the mainstream forefront of parenting to teach a little bit deeper than that. We know how important it is to teach our children how to manage their outer wellness but have you ever taken a moment to go a little deeper? To think about the impact we can make on their inner wellness?

I believe the practices & routines we teach our children starting from the moment they are born have a huge impact on the self care & love the form for themselves as they grow into adults. The number one way children learn is by example, so of course, that brings in the importance of prioritizing your own self care. I spoke about creating a self care routine last month if you need some help getting started! Sure, it’s a buzzword right now but that doesn’t mean it should be pushed under the table.

Once you have your own self care routine down (or least have began working on it) we must go a step further, show those cute little humans how to implement it into their own life. No, self care probably won’t be in their vocabulary quite yet, but it’s getting the routine itself going that is important in these years.

For Tahlya & I, we began this routine with tea! I’ve been a tea drinker since Tahlya was born & she has simply seen the way I take time out of my day to find my zen & enjoy a hot cup. It wasn’t long until she asked to join in on the ritual. Something as simple as intentionally drinking our tea is paving the path & setting the direction for her self love & care journey down the road. I hope she remembers our time drinking Rishi Tea together & I especially hope she continues joining me on this ritual for years down the road. We’ve had a grand ole’ time trying out all our new teas Rishi sent for my Ultimate Tea Guide, & it’s been the most beautiful thing to watch her pick & choose her favorites, showing her opinions & agency loud & clear. I wanted to share a few of her favorite blends in case you’d like to see how a tea routine goes with your little ones (do share if you do!).

Good Tea Blends for Little Ones (As Decided by Tahlya)

So sure, you might not be a tea drinker, but maybe you like to take walks, bubble baths, cook, etc. Lead by example & bring your children into these activities you do intentionally. We have the chance to create the ultimate self loving, intentional & conscious living future ever, wouldn’t that be cool?!

What’s your favorite activity to intentionally do with your little ones? I’d love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Getting Your Little One Started On A Self Care Routine

  1. Amazing article. It’s so ingrained in our parenting culture to reach for those sugary “fruit” drinks for kids when reaching for a delicious herbal tea has so many more benefits and can be prepared both hot and cold for the weather. Thanks for sharing!

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