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A Guide to Dressing Intentionally w. Matter Prints

*This post was sponsored by Matter Prints, as always, all opinions remain authentic.

I’d like to say I’m a pretty intentional gal. I have learned to speak, do & eat with intention.

“Savanna you’re starting with the gibberish again, what is living intentionally?”

I’ve always said it is doing things for a reason, to be consciously aware of what you are doing, what the consequences are, what you hope to get out of it & being aware that your actions should mirror your values.

It wasn’t until recently that the thought of dressing intentionally came to mind but subconsciously it is something I have dabbled in for nearly a year. We are so blessed to live in a time where we are able to slow down a little & start truly thinking deeper on what each action leads to.

I’ve been practicing dressing intentionally every single day for the past couple of weeks. Getting up in the morning I choose what clothing will best serve my needs for the day as well as thinking about how I came across this piece & how it made its way to me. This has caused a slightly crude awakening with many items, we don’t like to think about the ugly ways most clothing makes its way to us but it needs to be right there in our faces.

Ethical clothing has been something I have been dabbling into for nearly a year & I’ve come across yet another amazing brand.

Matter Prints was birthed a few years back by two friends after a fundraising trip in India & their pieces are literally to die for. This quote from their site truly resonated with me, “we began simply with the intention to make where and why something is made, and by whom, matter.”

You can find my super comfy pants here.

Matter Prints is truly a unique clothing company, I am super impressed & wanted to share some inspiring selling points. Styles from their line weave their way in & out of stock through the seasons, with small changes being made as customer needs show themselves. & the process for a new style is six months! (Slow fashion at its finest my friends). Each & every piece is handmade, therefore each piece has a unique life & energy to it.

I have found myself working this new piece to make an appearance in my outfit multiple times a week, pairing it with oversized tees & tanks.

Back to dressing intentionally every morning, I wanted to provide a little exercise to check in with yourself & become truly mindful about your wardrobe, if you give it a try let me know! I’d love to see how it goes for you.

  • Open your closet, become face to face with your wardrobe. How does this make you feel? Satisfied, content, anxious? Why?
    • When my feelings are negative I often am able to connect it & recognize that maybe it is because I am behind on laundry, or my clothing isn’t organized how I like to keep it. Try to not move forward until you feel good about what is right in front of you, removing clothing from your wardrobe may be a great first step for “chronic anxiousness” due to your wardrobe – I try to do a closet purge every three to four months.
  • Think about your day, what do you need functionally from your clothing to complete the tasks coming up fully & appropriately?
  • Once you’ve chosen your clothing, your outfit for the day, lay them out in front of you. Does this feel good to you? Are you comfortable with the pairing, do you feel confident in these pieces?
    • I have made it a point to get rid of any clothing that I do not feel my absolute best in. If I don’t feel like accepting a compliment in a clothing item, it is gone. We get in this routine of keeping what we have simply because we have been wearing it for years & don’t check in to see if it still makes you feel good. Take this into account during your clothing purges, donating or selling these pieces has proven super satisfying!
  • Lastly, get it in your face where this came from. Was it thrifted, ethically bought, gifted? Taking into account the stream of people each piece went through to get to me has truly helped me to prioritize being mindful about the products I buy.

This method has been an awesome exercise everyday, it helps with my gratitude journey to truly become gracious towards my clothing & their purpose.

Call me crazy but it feels cleaner, more fresh & truly less “heavy” to pick up something like my Dhoti pants & know they went from the makers straight to me. So much less messy! Straight from their site you can see the origin of each piece, these gorgeous pants for example were weaved in Pochampally India & stitched in Delhi India.

Check out their line & let me know what catches your eye? I am now growing a wish list of what I want next!

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