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What Are Mantras & Affirmations & Why Do They Work?

I live by mantras & affirmations. I was first introduced to the concept as a sophomore in high school when we read & watched The Secret & since then I have noticed life changing shifts whenever they are implemented into my life. I have had a few people reach out to me online recently for more information on mantras & affirmations, people curious about why they work & how to implement them. Well folks, here I am, laying it all out for you today!

First off – what are mantras & affirmations? To quickly sum it up, they are powerful, intentional & positive “I am” statements. Mantras were traditionally sounds or phrases from Sanskrit often used in meditation but in modern times “mantra” has been used interchangeably with the word “affirmation”. This may be a topic for debate but I truly do not believe it matters which phrase you use so long as you understand the intention & power behind implementing them.

It is believed by many (including myself) that words & the power of the mind can affect our personal vibrations greatly for good or bad. You may have been introduced to this thought when it comes to self talk & quite frankly, I believe that ties right into this as well.

For example – telling yourself over and over again, “I can’t do this. School is too hard, work is too hard & no one likes me” will begin to manifest itself in your life and change your reality.

On the other hand, you may be struggling but telling yourself, “I can do this. I am smart & capable. I make friends with ease & they enjoy my presence” will also begin to manifest itself in your life & positively impact your reality.

Simply reading over those “I” statements leaves vastly different feelings in your soul, am I right? Words, letters, sounds, they all have different vibrations & our brain accepts them as such. Our brain takes those vibrations & washes them throughout our entire body, affecting us greatly. I speak of the power of our mind often & this is why. This post right here breaks it right down for you. If you tell yourself that you are strong, capable, smart, empowered, whatever it is – even if you do not feel that way in that exact moment, you are rewiring your brain to believe exactly what you want it to & that brain of yours? It is powerful enough to manifest those changes you are requesting.

Last up, how do you “implement” affirmations & mantras? There are a handful of ways that I have used as well as been taught & not one was better than the other, they are all so powerful! Truly immersing yourself in these will undoubtedly affect your self care & love positively & you may notice down the road that you use these phrases in your everyday life simply because that is the way you have rewired your brain to think!

A huge way to bring mantras & affirmations into your life is to simply say them both out loud & in your head everyday. Be intentional with this activity. Give yourself 5 minutes to be completely alone with these “I” statements so that your brain is focused on soaking them in & beginning a change. Another thing I have loved is recording myself speaking mantras & affirmations & playing them in the background when I am getting ready, washing dishes, driving to work etc. While you are not sitting alone with these words your subconscious is soaking them in, a different level of change. Lastly, write your mantras & affirmations out or create cute graphics & print them out. Whatever satisfies you, make it a fun project or simply jot them out on sticky notes & place them around your home in places you frequently see. This is a great way to constantly remind yourself of your “I” statements & keep you on top of it consciously & subconsciously.

What types of situations, struggles & emotions would you like to see some affirmations/mantras for? I think it could be useful to start a mini series over the remainder of the year for some that you can use in your everyday life! Until next time,

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  1. I agree and love this post. It takes up so much energy to be negative. A positive thought process can truly will great things to come about. Well done Mrs. Monroy xo

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