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A Guide To Car Buying When You Deal With Anxiety ~ The Leasing Chronicles

*This post was sponsored by Larry H. Miller Toyota in Murray Utah, as always, all opinions remain authentic.

After nearly three months without a car, I can finally say I have that freedom again! *cue victory horns*

Back in June my car was totaled in a frustrating accident I couldn’t do anything about. After searching for the best option for Tahlya & I, I landed at Larry H. Miller Toyota in Murray!

Introducing my cute new Toyota Corolla…

Now I can’t say I was looking forward to the process of getting a new car, but knew I simply needed one at this point. Anxiety peaks for me in high pressure situations, my head fogs, hands shake & I get intensely light-headed. Not the most ideal conditions for making a huge decision, right?

Upon arrival the overall vibes of the dealership were different than I was accustomed to & after sitting down to talk to a handful of people at the dealership I felt my muscles relaxing & focus coming back. So, now that I have had an awesome car buying experience, I wanted to share a few tips for your next experience especially if you deal with anxiety, because such a big step should be exciting!

Here’s What You Need To Know

  • Be mindful about where you are shopping. An environment like the one at Larry H. Miller Toyota made the world of difference for my level headed-ness, compared to another environment that might simply trigger more anxiety.
  • Game plan. Know what you’re looking for as far as payments, accessories, etc before you go. Something that made the experience extra quick was connecting with & communicating with the dealership before going in. The more you know, right?

  • But at the same time, don’t go in close minded. I had an idea of what I was looking for & what might fit my needs, but I kept an open mind to what suggestions the dealership might have. This is what lead me to a lease on a nicer car than I would have ended up financing. Sitting down & listening with an open heart to what leasing would look like for me helped me to understand the process & realize how perfect it would work out for me!
  • Don’t be afraid to step away for a minute to regroup. Feel all the warning signs of stress, anxiety and/or panic coming on? Don’t be afraid to ask to step away for a few minutes. The employees at Larry H Miller Toyota were more than happy to accommodate, they want you to walk out happy & sure of your decision. From a comfortable couches to sit on, a tea & coffee station, & popcorn, we had all we needed to take a minute to regroup.
  • Ultimately, be honest & be kind. It’s easy to go in with a defensive mindset but if you’re diligent about buying at a great dealership, then you’re dealing with people who understand & respect your needs & limits. An honest conversation from the get-go leads to a quicker & much more positive experience than what you may be used to.

So there you have it folks, car buying doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! For many, cars are a necessity, one certainly was for my on-the-go mom life & I couldn’t be more at peace with the cute machine I’m driving around now. I wish each & every one of you could come to Utah to buy your next car at Larry H. Miller Toyota in Murray but keep in mind my tips & I assure you that your experience will be better than expected.

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