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How To Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Everyday Life

This post was sponsored by Vitality Extracts, as always, all opinions remain my own.

About a year ago I began a dive into aromatherapy. I think this aspect of holistic care can be easily overlooked but unless you have lost the sense, smell plays a huge part in your daily life. Think about it, you get a whiff of the cologne your high school boyfriend wore & you’re brought right back, you smell cookies baking & your mouth begins to water, someone lets one rip & your entire face scrunches up. Now, what if you could take control & use that sense of smell to your advantage? This is where intentional aromatherapy comes in.

At this point, I would be shocked if you hadn’t used essential oils once or twice, or at least heard of them. They’ve been all the craze the last few years & with good reason! We’ve all seen cute diffusers but hear me out here, have you seen oil diffusing jewelry?! When I came across Vitality Extracts I immediately had all the heart eyes. I don’t often wear perfume, usually opting for an essential oil instead, so I am sure you can imagine my excitement at the idea of necklaces & bracelets for diffusing your oils.

The idea is simple, gorgeous jewelry with lava stones, the stone you drop your oils onto for a scent lasting at least a day. A little something about lava stones that has stuck with me ~ they are said to aide in releasing emotional baggage, provide stability through transitions & grounding your root chakra (& y’all know I believe the root chakra is one most of us tend to deal with blockages in).

I get it, the world of essential oils can be overwhelming to navigate for someone just making their way in, rest assured it’s still full of new learning for me as well! This is where my love for using blends comes in. They take away the struggle of figuring out which oils go best together & what their benefits are.

There you have it folks, I’ve shared my secrets! Essential oils instead of perfume, pre-made oil blends instead of taking the time to master the knowledge myself, diffuser jewelry to keep your in-lieu of perfume scents or a blend that is benefiting you (i.e. stress management) going all day, & get this.. a car diffuser that I will go more into depth about later!


Are there essential oil tricks I’ve left behind? Let me know! Cant live without some of the pieces I’ve showcased? …

Shop my look here ~

diffuser necklace

chakra diffuser bracelet

glass diffuser bracelet

metallic rose gold diffuser bracelet

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