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Here’s What I’m Drinking This Winter

*This post was sponsored by Rishi Tea as always, all opinions remain my own.

Winter is upon us! In Salt Lake we’re hitting 40 degree weather and teases of snow. But do you know what that means?! It’s officially hot drinks weather! Don’t get me wrong, I drink my hot tea all year round multiple times a time but now that it’s sweater weather would you like to join me?

I pulled together my must have teas for winter 2017/2018, let me know which you would want to try first so we can plan a tea party!

Chili Mango

Herbal Tea

Brew time ~ 5 minutes

Yes, chili mango. This stuff is golden! It hits the tongue with a mango taste but the slight spice/burn aftertaste keeps bringing you back for another sip. Even Tahlya was on board and especially since she got to drink it in her new favorite mug I picked up in my latest trip to Flagstaff.

English Breakfast Tea

Black Tea

Brew time ~ 4-5 minutes

This has been one of my few go-to teas for about a year now. It consistently makes its way to the top of my favorite black teas list. English breakfast tea goes down so smooth and doesn’t need any sweeteners or add-ins to make it fabulous.

Jade Cloud

Green Tea

Brew time ~ 3 minutes

If you’re a solid green tea fan you will loooove Jade Cloud. This is a classic green tea with a light, cool taste. It’s the perfect blend to sip on after a meal.

Chocolate Chai

 Black Tea

Brew time ~ approx. 5 minutes

This isn’t your regular tea. Chai’s are often best enjoyed with milk or a milk substitute. If you’re one of those people who would love to enjoy hot chocolate but it’s a bit too sweet, a chocolate chai might be the perfect treat for you.

Pro tip ~ I prefer to use  almond milk in my chai and recently discovered that melting in a small handful of semi sweet chocolate chips gives it just enough more of a chocolately edge that Tahlya will drink it right up.

Chamomile Melody

Herbal Tea

Brew time ~ 5 minutes

Chamomile is a classic. It’s the one tea I’ve been drinking nearly my entire life. It’s a calming tea that always bring me back to cold winter evenings, sipping on the earthy/citrusy blend before bed.


Green Tea

Brew time ~ 2-3 minutes

This. Blend. Y’all. I have never had a tea quite like it and I am HERE FOR IT. It’s a green tea and roasted sticky rice blend that combines for the most amazing flavor. The rice adds in sweet notes that compliment the green tea so well. The Buddhist monks who first created this unique and magical blend were onto something. Try it, I dare you.

Earl Grey Lavender

Black Tea

Brew time ~ 4 minutes

Lavender everything has become all the rage in the last year or so and with good reason. In coffee, lemonade, cake, tea, etc it compliments flavors and adds a unique spin that deserves all the positive attention it has received. Earl grey is a blend I drink on the regular and adding notes of lavender gives it floral taste that compliments the black tea so well. This blend is a must.

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