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When Life Throws You a Curveball, I am in Your Corner

There’s this funny thing about life where it is constantly changing. The world is constantly spinning, we are constantly growing & the people around us are ever changing. No one taught us about this as we were growing up, so we are creatures who quickly become comfortable. We rely on others to stay consistent & often find ourself stopping our own natural cycle of growth to stay in a comfort zone that should actually be called a “restriction zone”

As we near the end of a 12 month cycle every year, many of us find ourselves talking about how “this year was the hardest yet” or “I learned and grew so much this year” or something along those lines, indicating that we conquered intense life changes and are coping, healing, thriving, etc.

In 2014, I conquered graduating high school a year early, and giving birth to a little girl. I thought I had hit the max of “crazy shit that happens in a year”

In 2015 I got married to a boy I had been with for a couple years and had a child with & left the country for the first time ever. I was certain I grew immensely.

In 2016 I bought a house at the age of 19 & watched Modern Wanderer monetize in a way I never thought possible. I hit insane milestones but didn’t feel content & spent the end of the year stepping back from a handful of responsibilities & hobbies.

2017 isn’t over yet but I am claiming it as a year of insanely intense highs and lows. I rebranded into travel & was given opportunities that were once only dreams, I met my blogging bestie & grew into my spirituality & confidence. But, I also struggled with purpose & watched my life flip upside down as I decided separating from a man I once thought I would spend my life with was the best decision for everyone involved.

Every single year I have felt as though the current year surpassed the previous one. Anyone else recognize the feeling? Life is funny, magical, difficult, ever moving & oh so beautiful wrapped into one human experience. I never imagined I would be several months shy of 21 years old having lived a life that could easily age me 5-10 years. Often times, intense change leads to feelings of guilt, uncertainty, loss of purpose, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. I am here to tell you it is normal, okay & part of the process. Negative emotions need to be felt & validated but the key is to not let yourself reside in these vibrations.

Watching the future you imagined for yourself dissolve and realizing the future has become unclear and unsure is scary. Watching your loved ones hurt for this same reason is painful. Feeling new & intense feelings is unreal but here’s a little something I keep telling myself, “this too shall pass”.

Every trial you have ever made a decision to conquer has aided in your growth, inward and/or outwardly. The “middle part” is scary but making a decision to begin moving is rewarding. As you get closer and closer to the “other side” you are able to realize the immense worth of that seemingly impossible step into an unknown.

I am here today to tell you babe, it gets better. It always gets better. I am in your corner and so are many others.

Do not compare your struggles and trauma to another’s. Do not invalidate your experiences.

You are incredibly strong & infinite but you are also having a human experience & deserve to give yourself a little break.

PS ~ thank you to those who I have shared this life change with in the last few months. I have appreciated your love & support always, especially during this time.

111 thoughts on “When Life Throws You a Curveball, I am in Your Corner

  1. God Bless you. You are an amazingly strong young lady. Life offers us NO guarantees other than death and taxes, Keep riding the wave of life and never give up. You are never alone. LOVE and RESPECT xoxo

  2. This is amazing! It’s hard to remember this when we’re going through something tough, but we always strive to be like this! Your awesome and so stronge and inspirational

  3. I am constantly in awe of your maturity and sense of self. Thank you for showing everyone what strength looks like! I’m here with you too if you ever need anything!

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