2017 Recap / 2018 Travel Forecast

In 2017 I made a travel forecast for the year. It was fun to look back on & see what plans I was able to see through and which made slight changes. In June I made it to Lava Hot Springs rather than Yellowstone Bear World, in July we ended up in Denver rather than Portland, August became an amazing trip to Florida and Savannah Georgia, & other than Flagstaff Arizona in November I laid low for the remainder of the year dealing with a handful of life changes. While one of the most difficult, this past year was also one of the best of my life. It was filled with intense growth & self discovery, often in the form of travel.

I am beyond excited to get going full force with Modern Wanderer again this year & to see what opportunities & growth this new year will bring. In addition to that I am ecstatic to begin travel & travel partnerships up once more.

So without further ado, here is my 2018 travel forecast. Only a few are set in stone, which means nearly all of these are subject to change which is so exciting. I am excited to see where the year takes me! I plan to stay within the U.S. this year, is there a city missing I should add to the list?

January – Logan, Utah & Los Angeles, California.

February – Phoenix, Arizona.

March – St George, Utah.

April – Albuquerque, New Mexico

May – Boise, Idaho.

June –Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

July – Orlando, Florida.

August – Nashville, Tennessee

September – Las Vegas, Nevada.

October – Portland, Oregon.

November – New York City, New York

December –


What do you think?

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