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Finding Peace Within A Chaotic Mind w. MeditationRing

I have always been a fairly anxious person, however, with the changes the last year has brought I have developed an anxiety I would never wish on anyone. The restless mind, racing thoughts, dizzy head & shaking body are all signs of an attack anyone who deals with anxiety knows all too well. A couple close friends of mine shared their tactics for dealing with these episodes in the last few months & I began doing my best to implement them in hopes of normalizing life again.

I was in the midst of what seemed like an endless “episode” of constant anxiety when I went to dinner with a close friend recently & I told her, “I feel afraid of everything & I cannot get my mind to slow down long enough to rationalize. My head actually becomes too heavy to hold up & I am literally dizzy from all the thoughts.” She confirmed to me that I wasn’t alone & suggested grounding myself.

This concept is something I have often found myself using & talking about in the past. Not too long ago I felt confident in my mental strength, self love & spirituality & I was sharing the lifestyle tips that I so easily used to continue strengthening my persona. However, in the midst of my mind slipping into anxious tendencies I have found that these tools I was once so confident in have completely slipped from my radar & I am once again lost & searching for something to calm the chaos.

In a more spiritually uplifting way, I once used grounding multiple times a week as a form of meditation. Now, I see it in a whole new light & understand how incredibly calming it can be on a more human level. In the midst of an attack or episode of intense anxiety, focusing on something that is real & tangible can be leveling enough to bring you back to a point of reality.

Nearly immediately after this conversation I came across MeditationRings & was intrigued by the idea. The concept reminded me of an adult fidget spinner if I am being completely honest & that in itself is a compliment, yo girl loves herself a good fidget spinner.

When they agreed to partner up I knew it was time to share my struggles, not only because I think online personalities can be sometimes be hard to relate to & I always want to make sure y’all know how human I am, but because I was hopeful about these rings. Not only are they beautiful but their concept makes sense. 

Once the ring arrived & I began wearing it on the daily my hopeful attitude grew. I have been using it as a source of grounding, something real & tangible to focus on when I feel a fog of anxiety hanging above me. Mindfulness is the key here, setting your intention that this is what you will be using your ring for. Aside from that, it has become a gorgeous piece that I can play with even when I am feeling clear as day.

As I looked through their Instagram I got double excited seeing how different people utilize their pieces. A big goal of 2018 for me is to grow myself back up to where I was before I allowed life to knock me down. This includes getting back into yoga, meditating daily again & getting back on a physical routine that keeps my body feeling great inside & out. The actual concept of MeditationRings is that the flow/energy of the moving bands will help you clear negative energy & when I shift my use into meditation it will bring a higher frequency of peace & help me to focus on my practices.

This sense of hope I have spoken about not only in this post but on my other platforms continues to grow. I believe we have an innate ability to understand when our life is flowing in the direction we are meant to go even when we are in the middle of a storm & our fight or flight response is begging us to turn around. I believe this sense of peace is that innate feeling, gently reminding my soul that I am heading exactly where I should. 2018 will be big folks. I can feel it, can you?

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2 thoughts on “Finding Peace Within A Chaotic Mind w. MeditationRing

  1. You are a strong, articulate and beautiful woman. You are never alone. Those before you have lived and dealt with the anxieties, drama, pain and disappointment that life sometimes deals you. Never forget to confide in your immediate elders for advise as well and tackling life on your own. Develop your surfing skills to ride the waves (up & down) You are never alone. Best Wishes!!! xo 😉

  2. Never forget to confide in your immediate elders for “advice” as well and tackling life on your own.

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