Holistic Mommy Must Haves

I’ve had a few people ask me in the last couple of months how I pack for myself & my crazy toddler & it sparked the idea to share my “must haves” as a holistic mama for a day on the town or packing for a few nights away. This isn’t the most visually appealing blog post I have ever written but I am excited to be sharing the content with you!

It is important for me to use natural medicine & healing methods in my lifestyle & extra important that they are incorporated into my daughters’ so she grows up understanding the importance & effectiveness of natural medicine in her own life. Below I have listed out my packing necessities my for both myself & my little gal. (I recently received this SkipHop bag & it’s my new go-to for a mama, photography or travel bag.)

  • Rescue Remedy
    • Here’s why – Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Remedy blend created for crisis situations when you’re feeling nervous, worried, etc. Tahlya is an incredibly anxious child so I keep this on hand for either of us when I notice we are beginning a downward spiral into our own anxious feelings & nerves.
  • Arnica Montana
    • Here’s why – I keep both Arnica Gel & Arnica Homeopathic Tablets on hand at all times. It is natural pain reliever, I use the gel for pain such as bruising, swelling, a twisted ankle etc & often pair it with the tablets when there is more internal pain.
  • Organic Snacks
    • Here’s why – when I am equipped with organic & natural fruit snacks, crackers, apple sauce etc we are less prone to buying crap food when out & about. Saving money & fueling our bodies with (decently) good nutrients for the win.
  • Oscillococcinum
    • Here’s why – this baby doesn’t join me on a day out but after my flu mishap in LA I will never leave on vacation without it again. Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic for flu-like symptoms. The one stuck feeling sick takes it as well as everyone around to prevent it from spreading.
  • Thymex & Congaplex
    • Here’s why – these are whole food supplements from the Standard Process line to combat congestion, colds & other illnesses. I keep a bottle of Congaplex Chewable on me at all times.
  • Organic Chapstick
    • Here’s why – I only use organic & coconut oil based chapsticks & it’s made the world of difference for my lips. Right now is the driest season for Utah & for the first time ever, my lips haven’t suffered once. Not to mention, I am a chapstick addict, I can’t be without it, so having one that I don’t have to re-apply every 15 minutes has been golden.
  • Grace Mabel Breath Balm
    • Here’s why – I recently posted about this bad boy & how it has become an essential as of late. Especially while we are in the season of flu, colds & all things yucky. The eucalyptus & tea tree oils in this balm make for a perfect congestion clearing formula.
  • Essential Oils & Floral Remedies
    • Here’s why – I keep a few blends on hand including – Stress Away & Breath Easy from Vitality Extracts, Calm from Flora Remedia (smells amazing!) & I also have a head relief blend I picked up locally. Essential Oils are packaged in the perfect size to plop in a purse or carry-on & keep on hand for emergencies.
      • Tip – my favorite combo for stressful moments are spraying Rescue Remedy on my tongue & opening Stress Away and rubbing the oil near my nose so that I am inhaling it. I rotate Stress Away with Calm. 
  • Colloidal Silver
    • Here’s why – Colloidal Silver is a perfect antibacterial, antiviral & antiviral. I keep small sprays on hand to use in lieu of hand sanitizer and clean cuts & scrapes.

I’ve looked through my natural medicine cabinet & bags a couple times in hopes that I am not missing anything however I very well could be *shrugs* & I am sure I will continue to learn & have others to add to my list. Be sure to bookmark this page & check in occasionally to see what else has been added. I may go back through & add more links so you can shop my favorite sources of everything I have listed out.

Any suggestions of what I should add?!

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  1. Well done. Very informative. You definitely walk the walk and use the products you mention. Thank you for the detailed information.

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