Why I Travel w/ Carry-Ons / My Favorite Luggage

After taking my carry-on for a test drive on a couple vacations including both air & road travel I am ready to share the ups & downs to my super cute FUL Luggage.

I did want to share this post in a few posts including, “Why I travel w/ carry-ons”, “Packing for mom & child in one carry-on” & “Why I love FUL luggage” but after sitting on all these for several months I decided to condense it into one & share what I find most useful out of the information.

FUL sent my toddler & I matching carry-ons. (Links to mine in full size here, & Tahlya’s here. – it looks like my color sold out in carry-on size.)  We haven’t headed anywhere together yet where Tahlya needs her own bag so lucky for me, I have her carry-on sitting brand new & pretty when I need it!

Why I prefer to travel with carry-ons ~

  • It’s cheaper (no baggage fees if your airline allows a free carry-on)
  • It’s more convenient
    • You don’t have to wait at the baggage claim
    • Smaller pieces to hold on to & keep track of
  • It forces you to pack minimally (do you really need10 days worth of outfits for a week vacation?)
    • On that minimal packing note, this is how I pack in one carry-on for myself & my toddler. Don’t be silly, there are some things you simply cannot nix when traveling with a youngster but they probably don’t need as many toys & outfits as you are trying to stuff into your luggage.

What I love about my FUL Luggage ~

  • There is so. much. space.
  • The design is super cute & unique.
  • It rolls great.
  • FUL offers a diverse line to fit all needs
  • FUL is incredibly affordable.

Here’s what’s not so nice about it ~

  • The zipper is a little whack, I have to be careful with it.
  • Because there is so much space and double zippers for expanding I have made my carry-on a bit bigger than the carry-on size limits, luckily they’ve never questioned it.


What do you think?