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Commitment Isn’t Always Necessary ~ The Leasing Chronicles

*This post was sponsored by Larry H. Miller Toyota in Murray Utah, but as always, all opinions remain authentic & I am sharing a story I would have wanted to tell with or without sponsorship.


So… let’s get this straight. I haven’t blogged in months. I haven’t felt like I have a lot to say. Honestly, there have been a handful of times I have thought about quitting straight up. But, I have made commitments that prevent me from doing so & I am glad for it. Blogging is something I love, not just because I wanted to be a #FashionBlogger & then a #MommyBlogger & of course a #TravelBlogger, but because I have always wanted a platform to share my words and I struggle to talk to my tables at work most days let alone think about public speaking. I think I am transitioning into yet another new space for Modern Wanderer & I am excited for it.

Life moves & changes quickly. I think it is important to know what decisions you should commit to & what decisions you shouldn’t force yourself into long term; what decisions you should keep as a short term commitment. Earlier this month, my boyfriend and I signed a lease on an apartment, that’s only 12 months to think about. My car shopping this time around I am leasing, I am coming up on year one of this cute Corolla in the fall, meaning I have just over two more years in this three year lease.

As far as long term commitments goes, I moved full time to the cafe I am at. While this is likely a short term commitment, it will help me in my long term goals to owning my own cafe. (Three to five year plans y’all, we gotta do them)

I’ve committed long term to my family, & the fact that it will grow. & if it ends up doubling, let me just tell you how grateful I am that I can decide in two years I am long term committing to my Corolla, after all, I am the one that mentioned that it is best as a mom of 1-2 car. 😉  (But let’s be honest, if I ever decide to make the move to not only two, but three kids? I am still going to want a vehicle that I am styling in, Toyota I am looking at you.)

Life is weird, & by weird I mean beautiful & crazy. It is ever changing & I never fail to be completely amazed by that fact. Each time I think I grasp the concept I fall deeper into the understanding. It truly brings on a sense of gratefulness for everything I have, short or long term commitment; from my little girl to my new apartment to my wonderful boyfriend to this small space on the internet to my cutest Toyota Corolla.



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