Hi, Savanna here ~ woman, mother & wanderer.
Wander – to move without a definite destination. Letting the soul and mind roam.

 A bit of background on Savanna
In late 2013 I got the news that I was pregnant. Still in high school, I was worried about what my future might look like. Many counselor meetings, and classes (8 and then 4 online) later, I became an early graduate. Our little angel Tahlya came just days later!
While I was working part time, as a new mom, I was not getting out of the house enough. I was getting lonely. Peers from school were living alien lifestyles compared to mine, considering I fast forwarded a solid 5-10 years. Picture this, a younger, less confident & much more shy version of myself looking to feel better & make connections. That is when I discovered the world of blogging (Sept. 2015) and I haven’t looked back since.

A little background on Modern Wanderer
Since that fateful day in 2015 when I bought my first blog domain (S/O to Style, Marriage & Motherhood hahaha), my vision has grown and transformed. I couldn’t be happier about it and I know I am living my greatest truth. While I started off my blog in a completely different niche (simply because it was the only blogging niche I knew existed), I had always longed for a space where those who were like me ~ with wandering hearts & curious souls to come to feel welcome. Modern Wanderer has become that & my vision for this space grows everyday.
My hope and philosophy for Modern Wanderer is as follows –
  • To shares the wellness & self discovery/love that can come through conscious travel.
  • To advocate love, self care & empowerment for all, especially young women.
  • Sharing my favorite ethical & natural products to inspire a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Teach others to express themselves through simplicity whether it be through style, everyday life &/or the heart.

To sum it up a bit quicker, I hope to inspire you wonderful souls to be your best self. You will find this throughout the blog as well as on social media via sharing my experiences with wonderful products, brands, and places. This is a space for souls to come to find comfort, inspiration, love and acceptance.

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I hope your soul feels at home here and that you’ll find inspiration within my words, thanks for stopping in!


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