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Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves // One Month Capsule Challenge

Happy April y’all! This year is flying by and now that we are into spring I realized I had hardly and pieces to wear in the warmer weather. As I purged my closet I got rid of a lot of impulse buys and cheaply made pieces, surprise surprise, the majority of those were for spring/summer. I have been picky with…

Winter To Spring – 6 Looks Using 10 Pieces With PinkBlush

*Thank you to PinkBlush for providing pieces for this look book. All opinions remain my own.   I am lucky(?) enough to live somewhere where we experience all four seasons and we experience them hardcore. Utah likes to play with its residents, making you think it will be a wintery day in the morning and leaving you blazing hot by the…

International Women’s Day – “We Are Proud To Be Women Because…”

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! (let’s be honest, everyday should be women’s day, we are goddesses). Call me crazy, but being a woman hasn’t always been easy, and I sure as hell know I haven’t faced the end of my hardships, but womanhood is something to celebrate, to be proud of & a common denominator that should bring us together.…

The Modern ((And Amazing)) Alternative To Christmas Cards

We never got around to Christmas cards this year, I tell Luis it’s because we have no friends to send them too *cue laughs*. But hey, we did something even better! Mid December I met up with the cutest and sweetest videographer in Utah! Devinee filmed my little family having fun at the gorgeous Peterson Family Farm (I’ll probably never get…

Dress To Impress (Yourself)

*This post was sponsored by Sammy Dress. I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about self expression and how important it is and I most definitely have been talking about it because it has been a huge focus in my life for the last little while. Thanks to a schedule / job that allows me to express myself and…

Making Time To Date Your Spouse With Jord Wood Watches

The world moves so fast. School, work, housekeeping, motherhood. Giving you and your partner time to date tends to fall back on your list of priorities. Article after article will tell husbands to date their wives and the other way around, and we can continue reading them, however, taking the time to ACTUALLY date? That’s what is most important here.…

Keep Good Vibes In Your Home- Niiki’s Naks

It’s never been more important to me than now being a homeowner to make sure that the vibes around me are pleasant. While the vibes you give off personally are a HUGE part of making that happen, the way you present and decorate your home can be just about as important. Funny isn’t it? That the things you fill your…

Minimal Home Decor That Lasts A Lifetime

I have had the pleasure of working with Lamborn Hardware and let me just say, you are in for a treat!
Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself?
I’m the son of two architects. I’m a graduate of Industrial Design. I briefly worked in furniture and lighting design. About two-thirds of my family are designers and/or entrepreneurs. I have an adorable 1-year-old Corgi-Collie puppy – you can find him on Instagram #CopperTheKastK9 . I live in what I consider my favorite area of the country and I can never get enough of it.
What inspired you to begin Lamborn Hardware?
When I was in college, I started an Etsy store – Kast Concrete Knobs – out of the bathroom of my studio apartment. I continued my maker obsession into my career as a nights and weekends gig. After some big publicity landed, I was contacted by a couple of retailers I’d always dreamed of working with and took on the gamble of self-employment. Over years of diving into the “maker” community, I came across many amazing craftsmen and women across America. I decided that I wanted to create a brand that carefully curated this wave of emerging manufacturing as a collection of goods for the modern home, while using ecologically-responsible material and processes.

Blast To The Past- Our Wedding In Pictures

If we’re friends on social media you know that Luis and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on Monday. It was such a beautiful day. We spent it with close loved ones, outside in gorgeous weather, on my aunt and uncles beautiful property. To reminisce (and show off how cute it was 😉 ) I decided to do a little blast to the past and share some photos from our special day.

Getting Ready






First Look


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