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Aromatherapy For Beginners With Zakiyah Candles

Y’all know I am a candle enthusiast. I am especially obsessed with Zakiyah Candles because they are soy which means it’s safe for my family and the environment! That is why I am so excited to use my candle stash for my newest obsession. Aromatherapy. What is aromatherapy? Holistic healing of your body and soul through scent and / or touch.  …

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Happiness > Skinny

This was me in high school. (I had to dig deep into my old Instagram for these ones!) I was 92 pounds. I could cup my hand around my entire waist. But guess what? I was not happy with myself. I wanted to be below 90 pounds, I wanted longer hair, I wanted a bigger thigh gap, etc. etc. etc.