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Winter To Spring – 6 Looks Using 10 Pieces With PinkBlush

*Thank you to PinkBlush for providing pieces for this look book. All opinions remain my own.   I am lucky(?) enough to live somewhere where we experience all four seasons and we experience them hardcore. Utah likes to play with its residents, making you think it will be a wintery day in the morning and leaving you blazing hot by the…

Minimizing New Year Resolutions (w. Free Coaching Session)

Okay, maybe this is a little late to the game but I’m sure many of you haven’t gotten around to making resolutions or if you have, you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed by them. So maybe I couldn’t post this until now for a reason! New Year Resolutions are a funny thing. The transition from December to January could truly…

2017 – A New(ish) Direction For Modern Wanderer

Oh how I’ve missed this space and my other little corner of the internet on what we call Instagram.  I wasn’t gone for too long but two weeks gave me some time to truly come into focus on my plans for the new year. How cliche that this came at a time for “new year resolutions” but that’s just as…

A Guide To Simplifying Christmas

Christmas, it’s “The most wonderful time of the year” right? I have never been too into the holiday but after becoming a mom I find myself digging it more and more each year. However, it always seems to become the busiest time of year filled with stress and unnecessary stuff. If you’re anything like me and think we need to…

5 Ways To Teach Your Children To Live Simply

I’m over at Kindred Together’s blog today talking about motherhood. Specifically ways to teach our children to live a simple life. Minimalism is all the rage but it can be hard to teach a child why it is important. I hope these tips help you out! Click here to read all about it.  

Finding Your Place In Minimalism

Minimalism – a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

The simple, minimalist lifestyle has been on trend for the last couple of years. A very close relative, if not twin sister to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Many aspire for the title of “minimalist”, I know I myself am inspired by a simple lifestyle. I have written about it before, and I remember thinking that when we bought a home it would be Pinterest worthy of the search “minimal home decor”. The fact of the matter is, minimalism doesn’t come easily to everyone.

Minimal Home Decor That Lasts A Lifetime

I have had the pleasure of working with Lamborn Hardware and let me just say, you are in for a treat!
Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself?
I’m the son of two architects. I’m a graduate of Industrial Design. I briefly worked in furniture and lighting design. About two-thirds of my family are designers and/or entrepreneurs. I have an adorable 1-year-old Corgi-Collie puppy – you can find him on Instagram #CopperTheKastK9 . I live in what I consider my favorite area of the country and I can never get enough of it.
What inspired you to begin Lamborn Hardware?
When I was in college, I started an Etsy store – Kast Concrete Knobs – out of the bathroom of my studio apartment. I continued my maker obsession into my career as a nights and weekends gig. After some big publicity landed, I was contacted by a couple of retailers I’d always dreamed of working with and took on the gamble of self-employment. Over years of diving into the “maker” community, I came across many amazing craftsmen and women across America. I decided that I wanted to create a brand that carefully curated this wave of emerging manufacturing as a collection of goods for the modern home, while using ecologically-responsible material and processes.

Continuing to Embrace Minimalism

Last week we chatted a bit about minimalism. I challenged those of you interested in a minimal lifestyle to clean out your closets with me! How did it go? I know I am feeling so much better. I went one step further and cleaned out my daughter’s clothes and even was able to get my husband on board to clean…

Embracing Minimalism Slowly but Surely

If you know me, you know I like stuff. I get a thrill from online shopping, going to the mall, and simply picking up something that someone doesn’t want anymore. I have kept every single one of little T’s old clothes even though I hate about half of them. Our room is filled within weeks every time I clear it…

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